"Two to three students in every classroom have significant communication difficulties. [These skills] are crucial for reading, learning in school, for socialising and making friends, and for understanding and controlling emotions or feelings"  I CAN


We can work with your school or nursery as a targeted or whole school approach. We also offer a range of staff training options. Please contact us to discuss your schools requirements.

Targeted Approach

Do you have children in your setting who would benefit from regular Speech and Language Therapy?

We can provide a Speech and Language Therapist to work with these children during the school day. These sessions can be funded by parents or by the school.

The fee for a single child receiving weekly therapy is £65 a session this is reduced to £60 per session for multiple children receiving weekly therapy during the school day.

Whole School Approach

We can provide a Speech and Language Therapists to work in your school for a half day or a full day on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The Therapist can provide a range of support tailored to your individual requirements; individual therapy; therapy in groups or staff training.

We have good links with NHS staff from both Sirona NHS and Virgin NHS and can work in harmony with your NHS Speech and Language Therapist to 'top up' your NHS entitlement.

A weekly or fortnightly half day session fee is £150 and a full day session fee is £250. This fee is fully inclusive.


We can provide a range of training packages tailored to your specific requirements in both day time and twilight sessions.

Popular training packages include:

⚬ How to support children with speech and language difficulties in the classroom.
⚬ Using cued articulation to support speech development.
⚬ Supporting children with attention and listening difficulties.
⚬ Using sign to support language development.

Please call us to discuss your personal requirements.