"one in ten children will have speech, language or communication difficulties. [These skills] underpin everything we do - making our needs known, expressing our likes and dislikes, interacting with others and building relationships"  I CAN



At the initial assessment appointment the Speech and Language Therapist will ideally visit your child at home. This appointment will last approximately one hour. The Speech and Language Therapist will discuss your concerns and ask you questions about your child's medical and developmental history.


The Speech and Language Therapist will then assess your child's communication skills using both formal and informal assessment tools as appropriate. Toys and games will be used to motivate your child.


At the end of the consultation the Speech and Language Therapist will provide a verbal report of her assessment findings, followed by advice and recommendations on how you can support your child.



The Speech and Language Therapist will complete therapy activities with your child that are tailored to their individual needs, for example helping your child articulate a specific speech sound. The Therapist will make the therapy activities fun and interesting to ensure your child is motivated to participate.


We can provide therapy with your child in their home or in their school/nursery setting depending on your personal requirements. These sessions will last approximately 45 minutes.


At the end of the session the Speech and Language Therapist will provide activities or make recommendations that can be practiced between therapy sessions at home or at school/nursery. This practice between therapy sessions will aid your child's progress and help them develop their new skills.


We regularly work in partnership with NHS Therapists and have established good links with Sirona NHS and Virgin NHS Therapists to ensure we can work together to provide the optimum support for your child.